Crescent Head & Port Macquarie

Hello my lovely friends, apologies for my tardiness in writing and uploading photos, it seems I’m getting carried away with enjoying myself :-) I do love writing and posting and promise to try and share with you a little more often. So, where was I oh yes, only a short drive from the Goolawah Co-operative are some amazing days trips, more lovely beaches and historic sites to explore!

One such place is Crescent head, a surfers paradise where there is an easy going vibe and a “share the ocean” approach that is still embraced by the locals. Continue reading

Living off the grid!

Recently some friends and I were in Bangalow, talking over a long lunch about how wonderful it would be to have a sea change, a change of pace, leaving the city and full time work behind and buying some land together in this beautiful area. We would build our own houses, share our love of good food with a beautiful big veggie garden, working together and even looking after each others’ children when the time came.  So when I found a farm host describing themselves as living life in a co-operative community doing just that, I knew I had to check it out.

Goolawah land sharing Co-operative is nestled in the bush behind the gorgeous surf beaches of Crescent Head and a short drive away from the town of Port Macquarie. Continue reading

My Favourite Things to do in Byron

The first stop on my road trip adventure brings me to the beautiful, bohemian town of Byron! This little utopian surf haven sits on the most eastern point of mainland Australia and is home to amazing beaches, beautiful sunsets and some very cool and colourful people.

I LOVED the time I spent here and if you’re lucky enough to visit this awesome little town, here are a few of my favourite things to do that might help you get the best out of Byron. Continue reading

Famers Markets – Keeping it Local

A day out at the Bangalow Farmers Markets

After living and working on a banana plantation and being involved in the planning, planting, cultivating and packing of the produce, I have a new found respect for the farmers and producers who provide us with our fresh produce and how much bloody hard work goes into it!

It’s a whole new experience to be so involved and see how much effort, dedication and love goes into producing these little fruits and I consider myself very lucky enough to be able to see where our beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables really come from. Continue reading

A Day Trip to Newrybar and Protestors Falls

After waking to another beautiful sunrise over Byron and enjoying a chai tea starter, we decided to head out and see what this gorgeous area has to offer. The first stop, as guided by our rumbling tummies, is breakfast, so we head to the little town of Newrybar, a 20 minute drive south-west of Byron, to visit Harvest Cafe, famous for its fresh, local and organic produce.

When we arrived to the smell of fresh coffee, an organic fruit van making its early morning delivery and fresh doe being kneaded on the marble bench top (which would soon turn into freshly made scones) we knew we were in the right spot.  Harvest offers inviting comfy couches inside and an outside verandah surrounded by trees, so on this beautiful sunny day we took up residence in the sunshine. Continue reading

Wwoofing in Style at Featherview

The first stop on my wwoofing adventure brings me to Featherview Vegan Sanctuary in Mullumbimby, which is only a stones throw from the infamous Crystal Castle and about a two hour drive south of Brisbane. As I turned off the highway, I navigated dirt roads, sharp turns and steep driveways and just when I thought I was most definitely lost, I came across the sign for Lot 13, which would be my home for the next few days.  Almost jumping out of the car with excitement I was greeted by my lovely host Garry.  Feeling at ease straight away I looked around to see we were perched high on a hill and this gorgeous Banana plantation boasts some of the most amazing views in Northern NSW, from almost every part of the farm you can see our gorgeous coastline all the way from Mt Warning down to the Lighthouse in Byron Bay! I couldn’t stop smiling and I’m sure Garry thought I was one of the more enthusiastic visitors he’d had to the farm.  The accommodation is a comfortable self contained unit complete with Wi-Fi, kitchenette, TV and radio, a home away from home really and my fears of sleeping in the swag under a banana tree quickly dissipated. Continue reading

The adventure begins!

After months of planning, sorting, list making, shopping, goodbyes and copious amounts of hugs and well wishes..  travel day has finally arrived! Today is the day I pack up all my worldly belongings into the loving arms of my new travelling companion, Mr Subaru Forester and set off on a four month sojourn, heading south from Brisbane and following our beautiful coastline to visit many new and exciting places, catching up with old friends and hopefully meeting new ones along the way.

My new wheels

Today is the day I throw caution to the wind and follow that little feeling inside that’s been telling me all along, there’s more to see, there’s more to experience, life is awaiting you and now’s the time to do it!  So after taking extended leave from my job, finishing up the lease on my apartment and removing myself from all the societal commitments, it was here! Freedom had arrived!  Continue reading

Free Maps for your Road Trip!

Remember the days of the family holiday road trips, hampers filled with flasks of tea and sandwiches, the ever familiar squeal from the back seat.. ‘are we there yet’ and mum rationing us with a Mintie every once in a while to keep us occupied once we got bored of ‘I Spy’ or ‘Travel Yahtzee’.  I loved these days and they make up some of my fondest childhood memories.

Well I’m heading off on a road trip and like me, if you love the old school ways and fancy yourself a novice when it comes to the challenging task of fighting the map back into it’s rightful folds, then check out RACQs online shop for their free maps!  If you’re an RACQ member, just jump onto their website and you can order any number of State and Regional maps for free!  They will be delivered straight to your door and you can get busy plotting your new route and stocking up on those Minites for the drive!

Happy Travelling!